Friday, October 21, 2016

General Obligation Bond promotion by Lake Worth

Latest "education" piece mailed by the city.  
1.    How many of these mailers were mailed out?
2.    What was the cost of its design and printing?
3.    Cost of postage?
4.    Under whose authority was it done?  City manager?  The Commission Trio?
5.    This publication was kept under wraps and even some commissioners were not told about it until last Friday after it was finalized and ready to be mailed.
6.    The city was scared to death that ignorant people would not flip their ballot to the last page and vote. They had to educate us with taxpayer money.

For this reason alone, it is good enough reason for me to vote NO. It should be good enough reason for you as well.

No transparency, only city propaganda at your expense. The city should have waited on this bond to see if the 1 cent county sales tax passed. If that passes, we get $2 mil a year for ten years. Thrown in with our new budget of $1 mil for road maintenance, it would not have put every property owner in debt for 30 years and we wouldn't have to pay all that interest on the loan.

Early voting starts on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I am not voting for this nor the 1cent tax increase either. I am tired of our city wasting tax payer money to promote these tax increases, this is so wrong and unethical to do this, we are paying for it and have no say. The school sent out a flier yesterday too promoting this increase. I won't vote to support it! Too much waste from government.

Vote NO to both!

Anonymous said...

I think it's good to inform the citizens of the actual facts on how and where the money will be spent... Instead of letting the rumor mills put out false information.

After attending the meeting and getting to ask my questions I feel comfortable with this bond issue. The tax calculator on the city website was very helpful, Joe and I will be paying about $9.20 a month for the road a to be fixed... That is why we support the bond.


Lynn Anderson said...

Identify the "rumor mills."
Identify the "false information."

Anonymous said...

You and your cronies . Enough said.

Lynn Anderson said...

Are these not legitimate questions, anonymous at 10:12?
What did this cost and who did it reach?
Why didn't an elected commissioner know that this was in the pipeline?
Why the secrecy at city hall?
Who on the commission helped the city to produce the mailer?
Who on the commission gave the authority in a public meeting? NO ONE.

Anonymous said...

When I am voting for anything on the ballot, I want to know the answers to those questions. This commission does not want us to know everything as they just want you to vote for it.
I am not voting for it as I don't know the answers to those questions.
Thanks Lynn for always bringing the TRUTH out.

Anonymous said...

It seems almost selfish to vote for the bond, taking into consideration that most of the visitors to this blog, won't live long enough to see what happens in 20 years, let alone 30, when the roads are again full of pot holes. What does the town do then?

Lynn Anderson said...

Stupid comment, anonymous at 1:24. Definitely insensitive. How do you know the age of the people who visit this blog? How old are you? Are you really old enough to vote? Doesn't sound that way.

I would say that a few people on the dais will be long dead too.

The lien goes with the property. So every property in this city is tied up for 30 years. It doesn't matter the age of the owner now or 20 years from now.

And that is true--if this city does not maintain the roads as they NEVER MAINTAIN ANYTHING, then they will be full of potholes again...well before 30 years.

Weetha Peebull said...

"-if this city does not maintain the roads as they
NEVER MAINTAIN ANYTHING, then they will be full of
potholes again...well before 30 years"

Their track record TELLS US they will NOT do the maintenance
as instructed by staff and we'll be hit w/MORE of these
methods of "Creative Financing" until we make the elected
reps obey the law too and stop acting like it's THEIR
MONEY to waste! 1st things 1st - this is what we pay taxes
for...streets, lights etc! LIVE W/In The Budget!