Sunday, October 23, 2016

Theft in Lake Worth

We have plenty of theft in our city but this type of crime has happened before in Lake Worth. Criminals are so brazen today. Some greedy bastard came on to this owner's property and stole his wheels and tires right off his car. They come out like cockroaches in the dead of night when most people are sound asleep.

It happened a few years ago at the Lake Worth Towers. Those thieves too, put the car up on blocks...very kind of them. This theft took place in the ROLO neighborhood on Moor Drive last night. The owner says, "2 car wheels were stolen off our car (2004 Mazda 6; Factory wheels) and the car was left on cinder block on Moor drive around 2 am, per neighbor a black SUV turned on Small Drive. I have reported this information to the police."


Anonymous said...

The crime is shocking in LW. What can be done?

Anonymous said...

We have no police presence in our neighborhoods. At least over here in ROLO we don't. PBSO is a REACTIVE force,not a pro active force. For over a million bucks a month that we pay ,we deserve better than garbage men wearing a badge that do nothing but show up to clean up after the fact.
We need to say GOODBYE to PBSO. We love you,we respect you,but it's just not working out for our residents. Lake Worth still pays county taxes and PBSO would still have to show up.Can you imagine how many roads we could fix for over one million per month? And the coverage we would get would not be much worse than the invisible force we have now.