Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Fixer - Puts the fix on Hillary for being Evil, Bisexual and a Secret Sex Freak

Smut is a two-way street.  Hillary started it and now Hannity has exposed the "evil" one. Did anyone watch his show last night?  He interviewed the actual "fixer."

A man claiming to be Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “fixer” – hired to cover up their “dirtiest schemes,” including steamy sex romps and a major scandal involving former deputy White House counsel Vince Foster – says the Clintons have an open marriage, patronize hookers, buy off news reporters and coordinated a scheme to destroy White House intern Monica Lewinsky after her affair with the president.

The “fixer,” novelist Jeff Rovin, provided ledgers and faxed documents with time stamps to document some of his claims.

Read more about it... as you won't hear this in the Clinton news media.


Anonymous said...

The Clintons are smut personified.Say something about Trump. We can say 1,000 worse things about Hillary. We cannot afford to have a pay to play president. I'm voting Trump.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton should be in jail.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should stoop to this level, it makes people lose respect for you.

Lynn Anderson said...

Who? Democrats? That really worries me.

Anonymous said...

This is a big reach, and like third hand baloney. If any of this was actually factual don't you think some Republician attorney general in the last 30+ years would have brought suit?

Cut your losses Lynn, Dump Trump and come over to the winners side.

Anonymous said...

3:20pm : victim of the Clinton machine. Can't see the truth when it slaps them upside the head.