Monday, May 1, 2017

Protest March today in Lake Worth

People protest about everything nowadays. Why don't they just obey the law? The Lake Worth protest was featured on Channel 12--I missed it. Hopefully it will be on at the 11pm hour--

They all love Lake Worth to hang out in and be a basic pain. All these unhappy souls (what in hell are they unhappy about?) paraded around from Bryant Park to City Hall against our immigration policy and against our president--our laws. I was told that people were even waving the communist flag.

Read about it...

We get them all in Lake Worth.

"On May 1, we will join with community groups, churches, and unions to sponsor a mass march in Lake Worth in solidarity with our immigrant family members, friends, and neighbors. On this day, we will say NO to the administration's deportations, raids and attacks on the immigrant community. This march will be part of a nationwide "Day Without Immigrants" strike that's quickly gaining momentum.

* MARCH - 3:00 pm (begins at Bryant Park)
* RALLY - at end of march (preliminary location at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church)

We'll set out from Bryant Park around 3:45 and march to City Hall. During the march route, we'll picket the worst pro-Trump corporations, including Wells Fargo and Chase."


Anonymous said...

What a waste of time. What a bunch of anti -American A-holes.I hope that their relatives get killed by illegal immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Dummy, that's what we Americans have done throughout our history. Read a book dumbass!

Anonymous said...

Go into Mexico illegally dumbass at 11:00. You LOVE and weep for these low life criminals-go become one. See how MEXICO treats THEIR ILLEGALS!You love to bash AMERICANS for the treatment of criminals,you'll LOVE the treatment you get in MEXICO-those loving ,thoughtful hardworking people!

Anonymous said...

That was then this is now 11:00, NOW its imperative to protect our laws, people and life from illegals and terrorism.