Monday, May 1, 2017

Lake Worth at Lineman Rodeo in Lakeland

Tomorrow night the Lake Worth Electric Utility will give a report on the recent Lineman Rodeo in Lakeland, Florida.  Lakeland is where our former Human Resource Director moved nearly three years ago. The following shows Lake Worth's placement in the competition:

Overall Results
Apprentice Results

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: This position will climb poles to repair, replace; or construct power lines, lightning arrestors, insulators, transformers, street lights, capacitor banks, switches, circuit breakers, cross arms, graces, guys and related over head and underground distribution and transmission equipment; Monitors electrical loads and circuits by use of ammeters, altimeters, ohmmeters, and related testing equipment, splices cable replaces fuses and locates and clears short circuits and other sources of power failures, makes adjustment to increase or decrease voltage; Uses hot sticks, switch stick, fuse pullers, rubber gloves and other safety equipment to repair energized and de-energized lines and circuits; handles a variety of emergency problems during and after storms; sets meters, makes load check and provides other customer services as required. Oversees crew when Foreman is absent.


Anonymous said...

Damn, we didn't do so hot.

Anonymous said...

We never do as we only get leftover linemen and 0 leadership.