Monday, May 1, 2017

Commissioner McKinlay wants to tax us for the drug epidemic

Swell. Palm Beach County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay wants to have a discussion with her colleagues about a half-cent sales tax where the proceeds would be used to help combat the opioid crisis.

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So, we responsible sober people get to be taxed to help eliminate the drug crisis and help the addict. What will the commission do?  Open up supervised injection centers? Allow doctors to prescribe small amounts of heroin?


Anonymous said...

So all of us are supposed to pay for all of the dumb $hits that have DECIDED-YES DECIDED to Fuc$ up their lives????? NO THANKS ! As a mater of FACT-how about a TAX BREAK,Melissa to all of us hard working people who are just trying to survive out here ???

Anonymous said...

cant speak for others but I'm getting tired of following the law and working than being taxed to pay for the a--holes that want to do things their way.NO MORE TAXES