Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sharing another point of view is not "Divisiveness"

PBPost article

“We needed this,” (speaking about the election results) said Tammy Pansa, 44, who is self-employed. “As a Lake Worth resident for 10 years, I have grown to hate the word ‘divisive.’ For the first time I really think we have a chance to take that word out of the L-Dub vocabulary.”

I am not singling out Tammy as there were other comments in this article that I thought were very unfair. McVoy has always been on the side of the employees in every respect but one Lake Worth employee thought the change was a 'breath of fresh air."

Unfortunately, some in this city just drank the Koolaid. We all need a commissioner who, in spite of the majority and what they are saying we need, is there to do the right thing for all of the people--someone who asks the difficult questions--someone who offers solutions so that our beach doesn't operate in the red as an example--and someone who challenges the status quo. That is NOT being divisive. That is democracy in action and when Christopher Mcvoy was even allowed to speak (the mayor shut him down on many occasions), he spoke for principle and was always fiscally responsible.

Some still believe the myth that McVoy voted down the $40 million bond (the city put this on the Consent Agenda) or condemn him when he agreed with the Heights Referendum vote that protected our downtown and small town charm.  No one has the right to invalidate a vote of the people. But we do expect our representatives to speak for all of us and often times there are two sides to the argument.

I want to hear all of the details--both sides of the argument. Only 40.32% of the voters agreed with that premise.

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Anonymous said...

So Tammy ,you want to get rid of the ONE voice that was standing up for a different point of view in Lake Worth? Like public elections should matter? You would have made a good Nazi, Tammy.