Saturday, March 18, 2017

Obama dined with Hawaiian Judge before judge ruled against Trump

[Conservative Tribune] "Ever since a federal judge in Hawaii issued a sweeping freeze of President Donald Trump’s new immigration moratorium Wednesday, conspiracy theories have abounded across social media.
The leading theory suggested that former President Barack Obama played a role in the ruling. As noted by Hawaii News Now,the former president arrived in the islands Monday for an unexpected visit. He reportedly dined Tuesday evening at Noi Thai Cuisine, an upscale restaurant, less than 24 hours before U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson, a law school classmate of Obama, ruled against Trump’s immigration order."

I believe in conspiracies.


Anonymous said...

wish the fake news would stop putting obamas face up.hes history.these cry babies better hide if anything happens on trumps least he is trying to protect us.who paid for obamas trip to Hawaii this time.hilary

Anonymous said...

"Reportedly" Fake News! Boring.

Lynn Anderson said...

Nothing fake about it. On top of that, the judge is Obama's college buddy.

Donald said...

and they had dinner together the night before the judge's unsupported, outlandish ruling.

Like the Lynch -Comey meeting in July at the airport.

It's a swamp thing.

Anonymous said...

Like Voldemort in the Harry Potter novels, this evil guy just won't die. He is clinging to the attention that he feeds off of. He can't believe his time is OVER.