Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New Lake Worth Commissioners to be Sworn In

Special Meeting Regarding Election
Meeting changed to:
When:  Tue, March 21, 5:00pm
Where: City of Lake Worth City Hall


Anonymous said...

It really is so hard to run for office,especially when out and out lies about candidates are acceptable to mail out in Lake Worth.
A big thank you to all of the candidates, even the ones I did not vote for.I am so disgusted by the low voter turn out in this town.It takes so much time ,energy and money for these candidates to step up. And for what? Ungrateful idiots who don't even care enough to take 30 seconds to vote?Sad.
Katie Mcgiveron

Anonymous said...

Speaking of lies being mailed out, were you ok with all the lies put out about Szerdi two years ago? Or is that ok because it was in favor of your candidate?

Lynn Anderson said...

Name a lie.

Anonymous said...

Omari is 27 years old. Probably not a PHD. My guess is that he is somewhere between Elmer Gantry and Andy Amoroso. If he can outfox Andy, it will be interesting to watch. What is the Chinese Proverb? "May You Live in Interesting Times!"

Anonymous said...

He already outfoxed all of Lake Worth. He told people the golf course is for sale and the pool.
Bad way to earn votes.