Wednesday, March 15, 2017

3 year terms win by 55%

City of Lake Worth - Question


Other than this blog and one robo call from Gary Antieau against 3 year terms, it passed this time. There was not one group with the will to raise the money to help defeat this referendum. So much damage can be done in just one year...three is unimaginable particularly with a developer backed commission. We get the elected officials that we deserve when people don't get involved.

It's definitely time for term limits. Two, three year terms would be perfect.


Anonymous said...

After the trio voted themselves mo' money? Unbelievable. I guess voters didn't bother to vote.

Anonymous said...

Lake Worth is going to get the govt they voted for. It really is time for term limits.

Weetha Peebull said...

"To prevent every danger which might arise to
American freedom from continuing too long in
office, it is earnestly recommended that we
set an obligation on the holder of that office
to go out after a certain period." -- Thomas Jefferson