Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lake Worth Historic Preservation Awards


March 6, 2017

Contact: Ben Kerr, Communications Specialist
Phone: 561.586.1631
Email: bkerr@lakeworth.org

Lake Worth, FL – Historic Preservation Awards Program (Nominations)

On March 6th , 2017 the City of Lake Worth Division of Planning, Zoning and Historic Preservation opened nominations for the first annual Lake Worth Historic Preservation Awards. Awards will be given in five categories: Rehabilitation/Restoration, Compatible New Construction or Addition, Preservation of Historic Materials, Preservation Craftsman, and Preservation Champion or Organization. Members of the Historic Resources Preservation Board will judge each entry on its merit and an awards ceremony will take place in the Lake Worth Casino Ballroom during National Historic Preservation Month, on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017.

“The preservation of our historic resources ensures the retention of our own unique character and identity as well as adds value to our community. We hope that this program will foster a greater understanding of the positive preservation efforts in our community, and the beneficial impact these projects have on our neighborhoods and the City as a whole.” ~Aimee Sunny, City of Lake Worth Senior Preservation Coordinator.

All nominations are due by 4pm on Monday April 3rd, 2017. Please see attached for more details including eligibility.

Please contact Ben Kerr, the City of Lake Worth Communications Specialist with any questions or comments.


Anonymous said...

THANK GOD I do not live in a "historic" district! All those jerks on the historic board do is make life a living hell for any home owner coming before them! We need to ABOLISH this crap . Most people won't even consider moving here because of Amy Sunny and her band of A-holes.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is absurd. This bunch of clowns are preserving a house here and there, while the greater part of the neighborhood rots away.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What planet are you guys on? Have you never visited a town with many beautifully preserved historic homes? These are my favorite places to visit. Lake Worth has hundreds of unique historic homes that will be 100 years old in another few years. They need to be preserved.

Anonymous said...

9:48 you obviously just visit and don't have to put up with the CRAP of living in a Lake Worth "historic" neighborhood.Ever had to repair an "historic window " or an "historic roof" in your "historic" home? Ever have to go stand in front of the brown shirt board for the third, 4th or fifth time with yet the latest set of architectural plans(and they don't come cheap) in hand while the A-holes look down on you and say "Well,you did what we asked you to do but you really need to adjust this just a bit more,,,,"
"Historic" does not matter in Lake Worth if a developer or a special friend of the administration wants a property. Then the property is BEYOND REPAIR-knock it down.
So 9:48 , are YOU going to foot the bill for all of the "preservation " that you think should happen here?
Just a note of caution to anyone even thinking of moving into Lake Worth- if the property you are looking at is deemed "historic" -RUN LIKE HELL AWAY FROM IT.