Friday, November 18, 2016

Lindsey Graham gives Trump a warning

Lindsey Graham still can't get over it. In 2015, he was knocked out of the debates and left in the cold. In January this year, he endorsed Jeb Bush, who, as we all know, was also left in the cold for being "low energy."

Now he's bitching about Trump and illegal aliens, specifically the "Dreamers." He doesn't want Trump to undue the Deferred Action For Childhhood Arrivals (DACA) where Obama gave these kids legal status by Executive Order.

Although Trump has said that he will overturn every Obama executive order, he has only said that for now he will deport illegal criminals.

Lindsey Graham, who is considered a RINO, needs to calm down right along with all the others who constantly complain and protest for not winning the election and continue to demonize the President Elect.


Anonymous said...

Lindsey Graham, does anyone care?

Anonymous said...

Graham is an ass.He's about as relevant as Jeb and Hillary!