Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanking famous actors for telling us to vote for Hillary

It’s ironic isn’t it, that the party that loves to portray the rich as evil, is supported by the majority of Hollywood millionaires...the truth is that the entertainment industry is one that attracts way more right-brain individuals than it does left-brain. The right part of the brain is the one responsible for our feelings, emotions and fantasy, whereas the left part of the brain deals more with logic and reality.  Silent bull


Anonymous said...

Actors reach heights of arrogance to think that we, the little people need or look up to them. Most of them are far removed from day to day life and see everything as a role.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! You post such great material although I still can't grasp your angst with the 3 LW commissioners and city manager trying to make better LW - at least as I see as better. I Enjoy your blog.

Lynn Anderson said...

There are several reasons for the "angst."
Making Lake Worth better does not mean ignoring the vote of the people on the downtown heights amendment...Giving Hudson Holdings every waiver and their height request for their empty property at the Gulfstream Hotel against the will of the people.
There are many other examples i.e., passing a budget spending more than we make. Passing a budget deliberately putting the beach fund in the red by raising expenses and not revenues.
Promoting a $40 million bond with a humongous interest rate for road improvements on only 29% of the roads that will only last 15 years.
There's a big list.
One of the most annoying is their constant bullying of the minority commissioners on the dais.

Anonymous said...

The terms actor and artist, are just titles that are thrown around for lack of courage to call them what they really are, and that is unproductive individuals of many stripes. What passes for acting is rather more like a circus performance. There actually are a few good actors, but there are no decent roles for them, because there are few good screen writers. And this is what happens when you lower the bar, or as one of your previous contributors put it "give everybody a trophy"