Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Illegals probably did vote

President-Elect Donald Trump tweeted that the illegal vote was in the millions, perhaps 2 to 3 million. What did the news media do? They belittled him; they chastised him; they told him that the outrageous allegation can't be proved. In other words, the biased news media went nuts. It's as if a bombshell hit them right between the eyes--they are still in shock that Trump won the election and in total denial that he won such liberal states as Virginia, New York, and California.

In California alone, (the kookiest and most liberal state in the country), its governor signed the bill into law in 2013 allowing illegals to obtain driver's licenses, further establishing California as a national leader on immigrant rights. The legislation was authored by Assemblyman Luis Alejo (D-Salinas), the son of farm workers. Illegals make up over 6% of that state's population with nearly 3 million living there.

"One media dunderhead even claims that there were zero illegal votes. We all know that’s a lie," said Allen West.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think it COULD be millions but surely quite a few did.

NPR was trying to explain that in California, how registering to vote application had a box to check that you are a citizen, under penalty of perjury. Ya, right.

Anonymous said...

Well,duhhhh! Obama told them to go to the polls! He told them that they could vote!Time for a voter ID card in all 50 states.How many of you have signed the paper saying it was for "agricultural reasons" when you bought fireworks? Ever ripped the tag off a mattress? Millions of illegals and "dead people" did vote !

Anonymous said...

I am fed up with this country, there is no law and order and they do nothing about all these illegals living and working here and being human trafficked here.

While we should be compassionate and understanding, we need to enforce laws, that is the problem now, this country, government, our own police do not enforce anything. Look at the beach, all the signs in the city, county, and Town of Palm Beach all say NO DOGS, yet everyday people bring dogs, no police to enforce this law. The same of alcohol, it is used and abused all over our city beach, parks, out in the open, but no on enforces anything anymore.

Then you wonder why the good people of this country have no respect for our government or law officers.

We deserve law and order here, we are fed up with it.

Anonymous said...

Will this country ever enforce laws? There is no law and order in this country. I hope Trump can restore some.

Anonymous said...

Give all of the illegals work visas only and make them pay taxes until this is all addressed. They need to pay taxes too or be deported ASAP, stop allowing all of them to be hired under the table. This is the problem too.

Anonymous said...

What did the news media do? They went directly to all the local election folks and asked them if there was any discrepencies. There were none. Your guy tweeted a bowl full of b.s. crap and you lapped it up. Next you'll be saying that trumpy didn't really literally MEAN he was going to build a wall. Keep defending the undefendable. Kind of like you've done with your local electeds.

Lynn Anderson said...

Are you talking about the next president of the United States, anonymous @ 1:56?

You're an azz.