Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Bullies at Hamilton

Democrats are looking for respect. But the problem is, they have none for anyone who does not fall into lockstep with their social agenda.

After the racist cast of Hamilton, a Broadway play that was hiring actors with a whites need not apply clause, told Mike Pence they were scared of him and his agenda, they bullied our Vice President Elect from the stage and asked him to carry on their idiotic ideas. After hearing this, a group of patriots protested in front of the theater chanting "USA" and waving flags and supporting Trump/Pence.

I think we all should be scared of people who bully and who have no understanding of why they lost.


Anonymous said...

That's right. We have a few commissioners who are known bullies. Can't stand those people.

Anonymous said...

Apes in a cage flinging their poo. Liberals demand respect,until it's THEM that have to give it. For the last eight years we have been forced to live in a looking glass world where the MAJORITY had to bow down to the MINORITY.
Respect is a two way street and the liberals are going to learn this lesson. One way or the other.

Anonymous said...

So the folks who have called people fat pigs, crooks, Pocahontas and on and on and on get their feelings hurt when theater actors express their hope that the new administration respects all people.

Wow. You all need to grow a pair and put your big boy pants on or it's going to be a very, very painful 4 years.

Lynn Anderson said...

Actually you bullies need to get some manners. Is that possible? Or do you want to continue to wear safety pins and whine?

Anonymous said...

You at 10:52, put on your diapers. What a spoiled little baby. Listen to Trumps' acceptance speech and learn something. No one has to be afraid of Trump but we all should be afraid of you.

Anonymous said...

if I pay to see a show I sure don't need to hear how to respect any one no matter what side it is.hope the show goes by way of bullies DOWN I think they are afraid the swamp is going to be drained

Anonymous said...

All those actors and that Braodway group are very unprofessional, so unethical to do that.

The Dems just keep making themselves like like assholes. Get over it Trump won and is going to be the President of the USA! It is the Dems fault completely their fault for allow our country to become so lawless and chaotic. People here want some law and order, not all these illegal immigrants entering this country illegally.

The Dems and past admins are to blame for this mess.

I hope Trump can improve this country!