Friday, November 18, 2016

Homeowner has no rights

Do you want to know how F'd up our legal system is? Here's a guy who allowed a guest to live in his house during the hurricane.  Now she won't leave and he can't get her out. PBSO told the homeowner he would have to go to court in order to remove her.  Unreal. She has now been uninvited and told to leave but that doesn't count for squat...he can't kick her out. It's sort of like all the uninvited illegals crossing our border and we can't get them out!


Anonymous said...

Let that be a lesson for you. Possession is nine/tenths of the law.

Anonymous said...

This is the thing that pisses me off about our police and law enforcement nowadays. They are useless and pathetic. They do not enforce any laws and all is so crazy and chaotic. The man should just change the locks and lock her out. If there is no lease and they never paid rent, then one should have the right as to who can stay inside their house. How unsafe.

Police and our government are so bad today, they they wonder why no one respects them. There is no law and order. Police would rather hide over at the beach then to go in the hood and deal with all the problems here today.

How can you respect our police and government anymore?

Anonymous said...

Do you think the police want IAD after them because someone is too stupid to know the most basic rules of survival. I'm sure there is a story behind this story that you don't know about, and probably never will. Having said that, if it were my problem, the persons belongings, which are probably few, would go out on the lawn, and the person right after them. Like I said, there is a back story that isn't being published.

Lynn Anderson said...

@12:52--certainly sounds like there must be something else going on as who in their right mind would be told they can't kick someone out of their own home. But the way this country has been going, you just never know.

I agree with 12:20--change the locks and put all personal stuff outside.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Change the locks,throw her crap away in a far away dumpster and when she calls the police,deny even knowing who in the hell she is! She has no lease. tough crap for her.