Saturday, November 19, 2016

Palm Beach Post

Donald Trump bought Mar-A-Lago in 1985. It was a big deal and a positive news story. Now he's president of the United States...During the campaign the Post and other news media were fascinated with the unproved negative...people who said Trump had grabbed them.  They even went so far to write about some rumor that someone wanted Michelle Obama to run for president.

Trump called the reports in The Palm Beach Post, The New York Times, and People magazine as “pure fiction and outright lies” and said the stories were a coordinated effort between the media and his Democratic opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Credit to Linda Cothes for photo

There's no doubt that main street media are having a rough time these days.  Trump mentioned it over and over again during the campaign.

As Politico said, Trump fought it on a personal level, ridiculing reporters—often by name—as “sleazy,” “extremely dishonest,” “a real beauty," “unfair,” and “not good people.” Until recently, he blacklisted individual reporters from campaign access. He called Brit Hume and Maureen Dowd “dopes." He’s fought it institutionally, slathering CNN with a barrage of insults, and castigating the New York Times and the "mainstream media" scores of times.

I just got my new bill from the Palm Beach Post, a publication that is afflicted with a biased liberal slant on news. My bill from last year went up 23.49%. That's a whopping increase.  I have to wonder if their advertising rates are also increased. From this increase, they must believe they are reporting fairly, that their subscribers are happy and that they have nothing to lose.


Anonymous said...

I cancelled my subscription. they will be getting more cancellations I would think.

Anonymous said...

I take the newspaper twice a week now but not really sure if I need to take it at all.

Anonymous said...

I no longer take the Post. They,like most of the media are completely biased against the majority of America and their views.