Monday, November 28, 2016

The Jill Stein "Commie" Recount Scam

Right Wing News:
More bad news for the Hildabeast. I heard yesterday that Obama was the reason she conceded the election when she did to Donald Trump. Now comes news that the White House has just crushed her last hope of being president amid a scam of a recount by Jill Stein of the commie Green Party.

The White House released a statement saying they see no credible evidence of the vote being hacked in Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania. The only thing to come out of this bogus move is millions of dollars for Jill Stein and her cronies. I’d almost feel sorry for Clinton if she wasn’t such a hellishly evil corruptocrat.

Read about the Commie Green party Scam


Vince said...

Another left-leaning professor: overpaid and subversive, attempting to collect cash for future plans, oblivious to or intentionally causing chaos in the legitimate election process.
Turns away prospective Green party supporters.

Anonymous said...

College girl near her expiration date, sore loser with an evil agenda disguised as "green" she and Megan Kelly should hook up.