Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fabulous Lake Worth beach

And don't forget our fabulous Olympic pool--

Pool Hours of Operation
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
9am - 1pm

Saturday & Sunday
9am - 4pm

Staff Sally Chapela, Aquatics Facility Operator
Cell: 561.951.7037

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just love our beach here!

What bugs me at the beach is:

Out of city/state/country resident parking rights in Decal lots, so unfair!

Dogs on beach and police and law enforcement don't ENFORCE it and residents don't respect our laws!

Drinking alcohol on our beach, and police do not enforce it and beach goers don't respect laws.

Where are the police at the beach? Sex all over the place up there and condoms all over the parking lots. The other day there were tons of condoms in the decal lot all filled with semen, gross, where are the police to enforce all of this?

We have a great beach, but most do no respect laws and police do not enforce them up there at all!