Monday, November 21, 2016

Electoral College - The Great Equalizer

Letters to the Editor
Palm Beach Post
November 21, 2016

Electoral College keeps states equal

There’s been a lot of rhetoric after the election about the popular vote versus the Electoral College, with strident claims that the latter should be scrapped because two recent Democratic candidates won the popular vote but lost the election. Of course, that win for Ms. Clinton was made before the final counts for Michigan, Arizona, and New Hampshire came in, with over 100,000 plurality for President-elect Trump.

The liberals conveniently overlook why our very wise Founding Fathers set up the Electoral College, which was to give the whole country a meaningful voice in the results.

If you look at the election map, you will see that the vast majority of states voted for Mr. Trump, but their voices may be unheard if we turn to the popular vote count. The president of the United States is supposed to represent the entire nation, not just the metropolitan elite.

The Electoral College is the great equalizer, just as the Founding Fathers designed it.



Anonymous said...

Look what happens right here in Lake Worth. Instead of voting district by district for our Commissioners,we vote"city wide". And since most of the voters are east of Federal Hwy., that is the area that gets all of the attention. The rest of our city was let go until it looks like the crap hole we are living in today.The Commissioners didn't have to care. All they are looking for is the vote.Now imagine this on a national scale. No more roads ,bridges or schools for "fly over" country.And the political whores won't bat an eyelash.

Van said...

Democrats registered 3 million illegal aliens to vote.

Donald Trump won the popular vote among United States citizens,

Anonymous said...

I'm expecting some vitriol here, but the Electoral College was put in place so as to give land-owning white men the edge over city dwellers when it came to elections. Any student of history is familiar with this concept.

Lynn Anderson said...

Well, in 1776 there were only 2.5 million in the entire country and it was put into place to protect the rights of all Americans, not just groups that could harm the country as a whole.

Anonymous said...

There are good land owning men, and bad land owning men. But, I am not really seeing that on the map. States like New York, Florida, and PA, have huge farms, but they also have large populations. I think it's more an issue of population. We have 435 Congressmen. All of them feeding at the trough. This is where we should start chipping! Instead of term limits, I think we should have age limits. 65 in the year you are running for re-election, and you're out. Serves the same purpose as term limits.

Anonymous said...

Uneducated redneck racists in the panhandle decided the election. Trump lost the popular vote no matter how racists try to spin it, he received the fewest votes ever. In history.

Lynn Anderson said...

3 million illegals voted for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

"Uneducated redneck racists in the panhandle".
Really anon at 4:40. What a racist thing to say about an entire area.That's like saying the pierced ,tattooed Lesbian and Fag factor freaks handed over Palm beach County to Hillary.Very wrong,very stupid. Like the stupid comments you made.As much as you want to pretend it's not true,Trump wiped the floor with Hillary. It was a blow out.Also Dems had major loses in the Senate,House and Governors.
Trump now has a mandate,because Americans clearly rejected Obama's policies.
In the infamous words of Obama"Elections have consequences. We won. You lost".So get ready to have your political butts kicked so far into space you might never make it back. AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.LOSER!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately democrats in a tailspin are still lying and their supporters swallow it whole without checking the facts, I feel sorry for them.

Anonymous said...

While the Democrats are crying foul over the Electoral College, it could just as well have gone the other way, and then they would have had to defend it. Another way of looking at it would be that Mrs. Clinton got more votes; she just didn't get enough votes to win over the Electoral College. So if they vote to change it, it is not going to help them in 2016, and it could turn out not to work to their advantage. Better to leave well enough alone!