Saturday, March 4, 2017

Vote to re-elect a SMART commissioner - Chris McVoy

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Does experience matter?  You betcha. And qualities even more important are listening to the people and knowing what you're talking about.  Commissioner McVoy does all of that and then some.

Re-elect Christopher McVoy on March 14th.


Donald said...

A Commissioner we can be proud of!

He protects our assets, listens to us, and looks to the future re our energy and water needs. And you know he's the one to vote for when you see the Mayor and Vice Mayor constantly and rudely shutting him down because his brilliance makes them look like fools.

Vote for Christopher McVoy March 14th.

Anonymous said...

Mcvoy's opponent is a straight up BULLY ! I can sum up Omari in three words-RUDE,RUDE and RUDE! Is anybody else getting sick and tired of the otherwise INVISIBLE Haitian candidates that seem to surface a couple of months before every election?

Anonymous said...

A minimum requirement for holding office as an elected official should be owning Real Property in the jurisdiction in which you seek office. I guess this would require a change in the city charter, but it would weed out some of these opportunists who seek to profit from a Town in which they have no tangible interest or assets in other than lining their pockets.

Lynn Anderson said...

@1:02...I really like that idea.

Anonymous said...

1;12 if we could get the right people in this would possible pass

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris for voting for the bond to fix our roads!

Lynn Anderson said...

To the person who just attempted to post here--ALL negative political comments towards Commissioner McVoy--
I don't allow LIES here.

I would suggest that you post your lying crap on that other blog.

Thanks very much. Scott?

Anonymous said...

I hear Omary is about to get a huge fine from the Elections Commission for illegal signs, illegal website, and illegal Facebook page.
Why would we want someone for commissioner who breaks the law?? Don't they give them a handbook with pictures showing how you're allowed to advertise and how you're not allowed to advertise? lol what a dummy.

Anonymous said...

Um, are you sure? What about 1:20 AM?

Lynn Anderson said...
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Lynn Anderson said...

The city had the nerve to put the bond referendum on the Consent Agenda. There were at least 16 items on Consent that night. The bond should have been under Public Hearings, IMO. Voting to tax the property owners for 30 years on Consent?
Mcvoy voted NO on the Consent Agenda, items of which totaled over $3 million.
It's people over politics and I believe that he wanted this revised, scaled back version to let the people decide.

Anonymous said...

They did revise and they did scale it back. That's why it passed.

Anonymous said...

I typically see Chris as provacatuer and someone who is always voting against real progress in our city. However, I have to agree with some on this thread that speak to Omari's commitment to Lake Worth.

Does he own property here? How long has he lived here? Has he volunteered on any boards? Has anyone ever heard of him before last year? Does he still list his address on FaceBook as some town down South?

Omari is a smooth talker. But Lake Worth is used to be walked all over. So one has to ask, are we again being used as a stepping stone for some up and coming rising star in the Democrat Party?

Ya, I'm tired of Chris' shenanigans but you at least know where he is coming from. As ineffective as he has been, at least he owns property here and has definitely taken an interest here. He is not seeking higher ofice and if he loses, he will go away a gentleman.

Lynn Anderson said...

That's exactly right. It passed...just like our Heights Amendment Charter Referendum.

Lynn Anderson said...

Well, let's get some examples of why you think he's against progress--
He was for the heights amendment. Most of those who voted for that agreed with McVoy
He was against the original bond that siphoned off money for commissioners and their districts as well as the Park of commerce.
He is for saving our pool.
He watches out for the money. All the commissioners should be doing that--they don't.
Provacatuer? I don't think so.
He asks the questions that all those commissioners should be asking--they don't.
He votes with the commission 99% of the time. What's your problem? You want everyone to be a little robot up there?