Monday, March 13, 2017

The Political Sign Thief

Every day I get a report from a candidate that their political signs have been mutilated or stolen. Folks, this is THEFT. Most of the thieves come out like cockroaches in the cover of dark to do their dirty deed but it has been reported that a few are doing it in broad daylight. Stealing a campaign sign is stepping on someone's rights to free speech and signs cost money.

Grow up, people...Candidates and/or their campaign helpers should not be stealing their opponents’ campaign signs. Incredibly, however, enough candidates have been seen stealing signs that it warrants a mention here. Not only is it unethical, it can result in hefty fines and, frankly, it’s just bad PR.

There is another blogger in town who likes to blame the "anarchists" for all the dirty deeds in Lake Worth. But a thief can come from the nicest of families with a liberal progressive background or from someone who is supposedly a conservative who supports his own selfish desires.

Do we really want someone representing us as a city commissioner who engages in petty theft and behavior befitting a juvenile?


Anonymous said...

Since when are signs permitted in condo complexes? Maybe it was the condo comando that took your sign.

Lynn Anderson said...

No signs allowed out here in the condo communities.

Anonymous said...

In just 24 hours, the signs won't mean anything anymore. You could put a sign up that says please take sign.