Sunday, March 12, 2017

Stop Taxpayer dollars going to Billionaire Sport's Teams

[Liberty First Network] The State of Florida is taking our taxpayer money and handing it out to billionaire sports team owners. The Florida Legislature currently budgets monthly payments from the state of $166,667 for 30 years, for an annual payment totaling $2,000,004 to each of the nine major sports franchises like the Miami Dolphins.

In 2014, the Florida legislature decided to give sports team owners even more of taxpayer money by making available funding for privately owned stadiums to build or renovate sporting centers. Teams would apply to the state’s Department of Economic Opportunity for sales tax rebate funding. The money can be used for “constructing, reconstructing, renovating, or improving a facility or reimbursing such costs.

Economists consistently find that stadium construction subsidies fail to generate much, if any, "economic impact" in local markets in terms of metro-area wide employment and income. Sports subsidies are poor uses of taxpayer money.

SB 236 will repeal the 2014 legislation.

Take Action

SB 236 will be heard in the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee on Monday March 13th, 2017 at 4:00 PM.
Call and e-mail the members of the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee and tell them to support SB 236 and stop giving our taxpayer dollars to billionaire sports team owners.

sports team owners.


Name/Committee Email Phone
Commerce and Tourism

Bill Montford 850-487-5003
George Gainer 850-487-5002
Audrey Gibson 850-487-5006
Travis Hutson 850-487-5007
Jack Latvala 850-487-5016
Kathleen Passidomo 850-487-5028
Jose Rodriguez 850-487-5037
Dana Young 850-487-5018


Grumpys cats Best Friend said...

Lynn, Do you have a list which sports teams get money and how much to each team?

Lynn Anderson said...

I have an e-mail in to Sen. Tom Lee to get that information and to find out how it did in committee today.