Saturday, March 11, 2017

Republican PAC helps Omari Hardy, a Democrat

Omari Hardy, candidate for Commissioner District 2 "sent out a hit piece" on Commissioner Christopher McVoy, also a Democrat, whose seat he covets. A man who no one ever heard of until he decided to run for office, now is working with the best of the sleaze.

Every single bullet point on this mailer is a lie!

Every campaign we get these attack mailers from this side of politics...those who lie and crawl their way into office by dishonesty and shocking charges.

This was sent out by an electioneering committee out of Coral Gables, Florida. It is a Republican backed committee Protecting Leadership Principles chaired by former state Rep. Eduardo (Eddy) Gonzalez, a Republican from Miami-Dade. Gonzalez’s committee, also largely inactive for the past year, was suddenly flush with cash thanks to $55,000 from a committee called Jobs for Florida that is controlled by Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby.

I really resent major parties involved in our non-partisan race and supposedly "good" Republicans here in our city such as Scott Maxwell who is advising and backing Democrats such as Omari Hardy.

The best place for this mailer of Hardy's is the dumpster bin with all the rest of the trash.


Anonymous said...

Protecting Leadership principles? Hardly. Even the name of this Pac is a lie. Chairperson Eduardo Gonzalez and Treasurer Jose Riesco spend most of their funds on hotel rooms and cheap restaurants,if their T-report is accurate.Some of their Sugar Daddy's include U.S Sugar Corp(Can you say ecological nightmare quickly three times?), South Florida Stadiums(helping gullible Commissioners with pie in the sky eyes to waste countless tax dollars). I mean, what else are the poor billionaire ball clubs going to do to get their stadiums built? Right? Then there's the Mac Daddies of questionable contributions- SOUTHERN WASTE SYSTEMS. (Garbage recognizes garbage,and here's the proof).Throw in EZ 2 Rent homes and there goes our neighborhoods,but who cares-those addicts need to crash somewhere in between overdoses.
So these are the guys who are Against Christopher. Which should give any normal person with half a brain the message that they really need to VOTE FOR Christopher.

Sean said...

The lies are now in the recycle bin, torn into a dozen pieces.

This guy, who says he will hire 15 more sheriff's deputies ( I guess he will pay the $ 1.5 MILLION OUT OF HIS DOUBLED SALARY AND $6,000. ANNUAL CAR ALLOWANCE), is an arrogant, dishonest joke pushed by Scott Maxwell and this duped Republican PAC.

Maxwell's fear and hatred for Christopher's knowledge and intelligence blind him to the con of his protege.

Does Hardy really live at Adopt-a-Family as he claims? Does he really work as a teacher in a Lake Worth middle school?

Can we believe anything he says and claims to stand for?

Vote for an honest, proven commissioner on March 14th.

Vote for Christopher McVoy and continue to make Lake Worth great again.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Sugar Corp,Southern Waste Systems and South Florida Stadium-what a trifecta of evil.Just like the trifecta of evil we have in Lake Worth- Mayor Pam Triolo,Commissioner Andy Amoroso and Commissioner Scott Maxwell.

Anonymous said...

So first the fire fighters endorse Omari; then the police; then the Palm Beach Post; and now a group of your own ilk is working against your guy. Minds must be exploding!

Anonymous said...

Amen !

Anonymous said...

Amen is to 4:01.

Anonymous said...

Mcvoy was endorsed by the Sierra Club, Realtors, Democracy for America, PBC Human Rights Council and the SEIU. Not as political as the two unions you mentioned. As far as our own "ilk" is concerned, there are always a-holes in any party.

Anonymous said...

Did the Palm Beach post endorse Clinton? What a fish wrapper.

Lynn Anderson said...

The PBPost did NOT endorse anyone for president.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to vote fior a liberal socialist

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't vote for Omari either.