Sunday, March 12, 2017

Another Shooting in Lake Worth. What a surprise!

Incident #: 17050373
1600 BLOCK S DIXIE HWY  |  3/11/2017 @ 7:22 PM
Palm Beach County Sheriff


Anonymous said...

It's safer here then 25 years ago when tourists were getting killed and Lake & Lucerne were no go at night.

Lynn Anderson said...

Living in a vacuum?

Anonymous said...

Recon I'm an idiot and clearly not as informed, can you clarify what " living in a vacuum" entails. I live on north O street if that helps? Seriously, thank you.

Lynn Anderson said...

If you look at the statistics, our city is right up at the top for crime. Gang bangers are back. We now have the immigrant population that is contributing to a lot of crime. We have the drug addicts and the homeless that we didn't have 25 years ago at the levels we have now. Crime is out of control. We didn't have the level of slum and blight that attracts crime like we had 25 years ago. We also didn't have the population...60% renters that we have now, much of which is contributing to the crime stats. As far as Lake Avenue is concerned, we have a lot of crime downtown and I won't go there at night.

I never see a PBSO car on our streets until after a crime has been committed. We now have crime at our beach and that used to be crime free. PBSO has assigned 2 deputies there. Don't see them either.

So, you're not an idiot. I see the amount of crime differently than do you and I've been here nearly all of my life.