Friday, October 21, 2016

The Spoiled Rich Kid - Patrick Murphy

Look closely. This is a spoiled rich kid who really did need to embellish his resume, because he'd done precious little in his life except what his parents' and friends' money could buy. He also has done nothing -- and I do mean nothing -- to distinguish himself as a congressman in the House. Yet, now he wants to represent Florida in the United States Senate. Really. Think about that.

Read more... on the spoiled rich kid...Follow the dots and see how Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Sen. Bill Nelson, Charlie Crist and even the beloved Ted Deutsch is entwined with the money.and the illegal straw donor scheme.

Just more Democratic corruption. One should always follow the money.


Anonymous said...

Poor Patrick. This was a terrific article on corruption that Nancy Smith wrote. Patrick Murphy's daddy's money and his Arab friend won't help him in this election.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, I thought you liked Patrick Murphy? You used to write so many good things about him working across party lines? Now he is running against Marco and the hell with Patrick?

Lynn Anderson said...

Sometimes the truth comes out, doesn't it, anonymous? I was for Allen West, not Patrick Murphy, another lying Democrat. Every now and then he voted the right way but it was few and far between. Reaching across the aisle was only in his dreams and in my hopes.