Friday, October 21, 2016

Sunshine State News Poll

This is a publication that is unbiased and read and admired by Democrats and Republicans of the few that is fair and balanced. Sometimes I agree; sometimes I don't. But this remark of Trump's was blown way out of proportion by the left-wing media. We know that there is corruption and anything can happen between now and November 8th. Even Al Gore rescinded his original acceptance of his election results.


Anonymous said...

I hate the media especially the Lake Worth Herald and the Palm Beach Post. I no longer subscribe to either one.

Lynn Anderson said...

The Lake Worth Herald? This is the MOST biased publication I have ever read and a mouthpiece for the Commission trio with constant hit pieces on those with different opinions. I still subscribe as I like to see what Mark Easton is writing about (not much) and his attacks on the First Amendment rights of Chris McVoy and Ryan Maier and attacks on private citizens.