Wednesday, February 1, 2017

There's a War - The Fake News Media

The Washington Post has lowered the bar for journalism another two notches with this latest solicitation. This action sinks to a new low that can only be described as lower than whale crap. When you go seeking people to say they will defy the President in order for you to manufacture news, you are really low.

Read about it...

The liberal news media is flaming the fire and going against President Trump at every turn. Now they want to invent "news."


Anonymous said...

The crazy lying media and democrats, they make up so much crap. You cannot fall into their web of lies and slanted news. The majority voted for Trump because we are sick an tired of this craziness and lawlessness. I applaud Trump for wanting to restore some law and order to the USA, the liberal it is anything goes. The same ones that bring their dogs to the beach although all the signs say "NO DOGS." Some people want no laws and anything goes, it is our lives too and we want laws and order.

Why is it that renters, smokers, dog owners, bikers, people who use drugs and alcohol all seem to think it is their right to do whatever they want with no regard to laws or being considerate to their fellow humans? Renters in this city don't care, look around, smokers throw their butts all over and blow smoke in your face not respecting smoking laws and distance, dog owners go on other peoples property and dog pick up their poop or bring them on the beach not heeding laws, bikers never follow the rules of the road, and people who abuse drugs and alcohol could care less about others, their families, or the public, throwing their bottles and cans all over and doing it on the beach or while driving. None of them care. Hopefully Trump can change all of this and hold them all responsible.

Care enough to do what is right! Trump has done mroe in two weeks than most US presidents in 4-8 years.

Anonymous said...

Wise up media.