Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Our Pool is a Political Football

Back in October 2014, Andy Amoroso appointed himself to be on a special committee.  The city (Bornstein who already said our pool was a White Elephant) formed an Evaluation Committee that  included one commissioner (Andy Amoroso) and one member of our Finance Advisory board.

The city was desiring public/private ventures (in other words we own the property but someone else makes the money) at our Beach Complex and Casino to manage, maintain, operate, redesign, etc. and/or implement creative ventures. We can't/WON'T manage or operate it ourselves and the city wanted to turn over our beach complex to someone who could manage it.

And that's why you heard Herman Robinson, candidate for District 4, bring up intralocal partnerships [public private partnerships] several times at the South Palm Park Forum.

One of the options under consideration back then was to modernize the municipal pool operation that would attract adult-aged visitors during the afternoon and evening hours (e.g., restaurant, tiki bar, cabana rentals, beverage service and/or other commercial type ventures). With this option, the City prefers to maintain public pool access in the morning hours; however, creative alternatives will be considered. The municipal pool and supporting facilities cover approximately 34,000 sq. ft.

So now what do we get?  A proposal to tear out our Olympic pool and put in an aquatic center for millions.  We don't have the money to maintain our pool but now we can afford $5 million plus for an aquatic center?  And the consultant giving the proposal would be the one behind the aquatic center? Has everyone gone mad?

It just keeps getting screwier.

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Anonymous said...

the guy giving the report saying our pool is not worth saving is the one who will make the multi-millions if this commission approves. Big conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

Stop trying to close down our pool already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill said...

The con goes on.

An"expert" hired by Bornstein to push the result he and Maxwell were looking for

Anonymous said...

my...what a useful tool, hope he is handsomely compensated...not

Anonymous said...

Let's hear 6 more proposals on how to fix the pool

Anonymous said...

Just please FIX OUR FUC$ING POOL !