Friday, February 3, 2017

Democrats just want to Undermine President Trump - Hypocrisy


Anonymous said...

Hypocrites. The whole country is watching the Democrat meltdown and it's not a pretty sight.Again,Dems you better rein it in.Your party is tied to the rioting in Berkley and the Hollywood loonies. You are the new Fascist party who stops free speech.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that we need ALL people coming into this country to come into the USA legally and correctly. We need to stop all people pouring into this country without proper paperwork and having them checked for illness and security. It should never of happened and it MUST stop. We need a leader who will stop this as it has gone one since the 1980's likely and it is out of control and needs to STOP NOW!

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying, Lynn, is that Hillary is as tough on immigration as Trump is?

Are you serious? Hillary, like Obama, is week. WHy are you making her out to be something she isn't? Whose side are you on?

I come here because I hate the MSM and want to hear liberals bashed, punched, kicked and spit on. And on Sunday, I go to church and pray for the world to be a place of peace and love.

Me and you, Lynn. I thought we were the same.

Lynn Anderson said...

We're nothing alike, aonymous @10:41...I'm NOT a screwball.

Anonymous said...

I AM you, Lynn.

You're too self-unaware to know it.