Thursday, October 20, 2016

Polling Results so far

Thursday, October 20-Real Clear Politics

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General Election: Trump vs. Clinton     LA Times/USC Tracking     Clinton 44, Trump 44     Tie

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein     IBD/TIPP Tracking     Clinton 40, Trump 41, Johnson 7, Stein 5     Trump +1

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton     IBD/TIPP Tracking     Clinton 43, Trump 41     Clinton +2

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein     Rasmussen Reports     Clinton 40, Trump 43, Johnson 6, Stein 3     Trump +3


Dennis V. said...

The usual spin here - If you go to Real Clear Politics Composite Poll, which averages twelve polls, you'll find that they have Clinton leading Trump 48.5 to 42. They even included Fox, which has Clinton leading Trump 49 to 42. The LA Times, which you quote as having Clinton and Trump tied, is the only poll that doesn't have Clinton ahead by a large margin.
If you would like a completely unbiased opinion of last nights debate, go to BBC. But then, Clinton has probably gotten to them too.

Anonymous said...

The BBC is very biased towards the Democratic Machine, anyone can see it.

Lynn Anderson said...

The usual spin here???????????????????
This WAS from Real Clear Politics this morning.
Take a hike.
Why in hell would I go to the BBC for their opinion?

Dennis V. said...

The problem is, you only noted one of the twelve polls which is very misleading. Aren't you interested in offering all of the information so your readers make a well informed decision? It is your blog and I appreciate that you posted the complete information which I offered.

Everett said...

The polls include a significantly larger number of democrats than republicans.

Trump is winning!

Anonymous said...

The polls are crap. With all that WIKI has exposed,only fools trust the news. They are all corrupt.Trump was right. Only a fool would accept results before they are in. The Dems are furious Trump didn't swallow their bait.