Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lying Hillary and the Clinton Foundation

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"The tax records, which were filed with the IRS in November of 2015, show that the Clinton Foundation spent far more on overhead expenses like travel ($7.9 million) than it did on charitable grants in 2014. The group also spent more on rent and office supplies (a total of $6.6 million) than it did on charitable grants. The Clinton Foundation’s IRS forms show that even its depreciation expense ($5.3 million) — an accounting classification that takes into account the wear and tear of an organization’s assets — exceeded the tax-exempt organization’s charitable grant outlays.

Everyone knows Hillary Clinton is a liar and last night she told a whopper when she claimed 90% of the money donated to the Clinton Foundation is paid out in charity. Trump couldn't get another word in to dispute it. The truth is only 5.7% of their "massive budget" in 2014 went to charitable grants, "the rest went to salaries and employee benefits, fundraising and 'other expenses.'"

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