Thursday, June 15, 2017

The "Expert"

Democrats and all the rest who lean crazy left, believe that their voice is the only voice...they are the only experts. One of the crazies shot congressman Steve Scalise yesterday and he may or may not make it. But picking on an 11 year old child is mean, ridiculous and beyond acceptable.  It is no wonder that more and more people hate liberals and why this country is more divided than ever. All kids wear t-shirts with messages.  And this big kid, yours truly, just got a new t-shirt yesterday that says, "Drain the Swamp." Our president definitely needs to do that.

(Gateway Pundit) – Left-wing lunatic and hateful shrew, Jodi Beggs attacked 11-year-old Barron Trump over a t-shirt he wore that said the words ‘The Expert’ on it.

Jodi Beggs describes herself as a ‘behavioral economist’ and says she’s a lecturer at Northeastern University where she teaches ‘graduate courses in macroeconomic theory and behavioral economics.’

Jodi Beggs sent out a tweet attacking a child because that’s what hateful leftists like her do best. Nothing is too low for these scumbags. Her tweet read, “Barron Trump is wearing a shirt that reads “The Expert” and I just threw up in my mouth a little.”


Nancy said...

The vulgarity of her tweet shows a person whose emotional and psychological makeup are far below her purported intellectual level.
Disgusting revelation.

Anonymous said...

all these people that get degrees to tell you how to live and what to do are.only there because they don't fit in with the rest of the world.i will lay odds if you come up with a good idea for life shed argue with it.BARON WEAR WHAT YOU WANT.YOU ARE AN EXPERT

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this "academic" makes money flapping its jaw, how sophomoric her middle school comment was. I'm demanding an apology on behalf of Americans who love their country and actually work! Yes, the "little" people.

Anonymous said...

Another over educated frustrated hippie! Probably picked economics to meet a man. Hasn't worked!

Anonymous said...

If you don't have to work, you can just keep going to school. Nobody flunks anymore, so all you have to do is put the time in. This loser, frustrated comedienne, is an example of just putting the time in. By the way, she is not a PHD yet. But give her time!