Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Liberal Media Provoke Violence

The Huffington Post and other publications have been calling President Trump “evil” and “racist” for over a year. However, when a deranged liberal takes their call to action literally, they feign ignorance and astonishment. Steve Scalise’s blood is ON the hands of liberal journalists.

Since President Trump’s election, the liberal media have made no attempt to hide their inclination toward assassination. The Left has refused to simply accept electoral defeat and are demanding blood.

The media beats the drum of violence and accuse President Trump — and all the Republicans supporting him — of treachery, claiming he (and they) are the epitome of evil. [Angry Patriots]

Read about it... and what this irresponsible "journalist" wrote at the Huffington Post.


Anonymous said...

Just as much to blame as the media are the Democrats out here in the public (we have quite a few of them in Lake Worth) that refuse to even acknowledge that Trump was elected as President. They laugh and giggle when images of President Trump dead or being assassinated appear.They march in the streets and call for the White House to be blown up.Their full acceptance of these disgusting behaviors fire the flames of murder. Their fingers may not be the ones on the trigger,but they are just as guilty as the now ex Bernie Sanders Democrat was.

Anonymous said...

Madonna should have been arrested for her woman's march comment about wanting to blow up the WH as an example to the rest of them, instead the has-been was cheered.