Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Toxic Political Environment

For all their talk about “working together” the Liberal Left can’t seem to help but dish out low-blows when it comes to tragedies that affect the GOP and Republican base on the whole. Be it accusing the critically injured Rep. Scalise of being a homophobe, to the new hashtag about “hunting Republicans”… it’s all very disturbing.

Read Allen West....

It's more than just "disturbing." It's dangerous for America.


Anonymous said...

Marching,prancing,"he's not my President".Ha ha look at his head,ha ha if only---Who is going to protect you when the ISIS fanatics come for you? How many more pulse night club massacres are too many for the Democrats? Open our borders,open our borders.Islam is a religion of peace-except for gays. And women. And children.And Christians.

Anonymous said...

Well said 9:38am, these people are dangerously stupid if they can't see what is obvious.Wouldn't last a day in a Sharia law country.