Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sick Tirade from MSNBC Host on Scalise

The liberal news media and Republican haters do not let up with their sick, and in this case, insensitive comments. She implies he was deserving of being shot and here he is, still in serious condition.

"Even top CNN anchor, Jake Tapper said Reid’s attacks are “Unfathomable.” You know it’s bad when CNN thinks you went too far. Their parent company is sponsoring the Trump “assassination” play and they employed Kathy Griffin."

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Anonymous said...

Well, first, it's "tirade" not tirad.

Second, if you watch the video, you'll note that they say that prayers are going out to Scalise for his recovery. Yes, they review Scalise's long history of bigotry but they do so in order to argue that it's important that words translate into actions when Republicans say that we need to "come together" after a tragedy like this. You don't say we need to "come together" then take away the rights of the LGBT community. You don't say "come together" then make incendiary comments about a president sucking on your machine gun. You say come together and yank medicare and health care benefits away from tens of millions of Americans (according to the CBO).

Thirdly, the tweet is fake. Look at Tapper's timeline and all his tweets. It isn't there.

This is fake news.

Lynn Anderson said...

Thanks--this thing does not spell check on the titles.

Anonymous said...

anony at 12:27 above, you are talking about a conservative right web site,,naturally you're not going to agree with anything they say whether it is fact or just opinion. Totally disagree with you on the bigotry comment. Who took rights away from gay people?

Anonymous said...

NOBODY likes bullies like this woman.The DEMOCRATS started the "come together" BULL CRAP. No apologies for the disgusting ,incendiary behavior on the Left.
The average citizen outside of the D.C. bubble are horrified by what has happened. This bigoted ,black racist is NOT helping the Democrats. So by all means ,I hope that comments like this black supremacist made will keep on slapping the faces of Americans.Democrats ,remember these comments when you get your asses handed to you in the midterm.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:25: Maybe you misunderstood. The tweet from Tapper never happened. The owner of the website made it up and created a post based mostly on the fact that Tapper made the tweet. It's not a matter of opinion. Tapper criticizing Reid on Twitter never happened.

As far as your question, Google "North Carolina anti-LGBT law" and reference what pops up.

Anonymous said...

12.27 is just mad at themselves for some reason.people that have lost anything with health insurance can be blamed on for the gays loosing anything bull shit.being white and straight for 70 years I feel I have lost something also with every statue they tear down around the it or not that is all our poor little babys are only concerened with what you think you deserve and the hell with everyone else.remember we are here too

James said...

And this "Joy" is anything but joyful.

When I mistakenly tune in to her hateful face and persona I hit previous channel immediately.

Anonymous said...

I would ask Ms Reid: since when is the African-American community intune with lesbianism? It's very well known that they are the least tolerant of the intolerant. And why put a racial spin on everything and pull in gays when it's also known that they aren't welcome to any civil rights movement. More hypocrisy. Our president is not racist and the constant retelling of this LIE is covering for media blame and guilt.