Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sober Home bill was signed by Governor

Palm Beach State Attorney Dave Aronberg said, “You will see a lot of the illegal marketing that drives people down here from other places will start to dry up — the free plane tickets and exaggerated claims, you’ll see far less than that. That could mean you’ll see fewer out-of-state patients than you see today, where 75 percent of all the individuals in recovery are from out of state.”

Dave Aronberg appeared on the Megyn Kelly show last Sunday. After watching this show, no parent will be sending their kids to South Florida for recovery.

Read about it... and the new state law that eventually will give us some relief. Thanks to Bill Hager and Jeff Clemens for all their help on this bill and locally to Commissioner Andy Amoroso for his work on the Sober Home Task Force.

The bills — House Bill 807 and Senate Bill 788.

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