Monday, June 26, 2017

Quote of the Day - Mike Huckabee

“And when rhetoric goes to that level, I think it makes the parties look silly. It sort of reveals they don’t have an argument, they can’t discuss the merits of a piece of legislation or a proposal, so they’re reduced to the most childish form of political rhetoric, which is to say, ‘You’re a bad person. You’re going to kill somebody.’ It’s so over the top; it’s just absurd.”

~ Mike Huckabee

Said in response to Hillary and Chuck Schumer's comments on the Republican's Better Care Reconciliation Act. Schumer, within 30 minutes of the bill being released, Schumer, in all his negativity, dissed it.

Senate Health Care bill


Anonymous said...

This "healthcare" bill is disgusting and shameful. No American can take pride in or should be comfortable with this plan. Those of you who are on medicare may think this doesnt apply but if they'll do this to the American middle-class, disabled, and poor, they will come after your subsidies and programs.

Lynn Anderson said...

Was is in it that you don't like about it?