Friday, June 16, 2017

President Trump going up in the approval ratings

As the Democrats like to tell us that President GTrump's approval rating is in the 30'3 somewhere, this poll tells a different story. It shows something that we all know--our country is equally divided.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday June 16, 2017 shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove.

This is the first time the president’s overall approval rating has hit the 50% mark since late April. His approval rating has ranged from a high of 59% in late January shortly after he took office to a low of 42% in early April.


Anonymous said...

Gallup Poll has him at 38%.

Rasmussen is notoriously conservative leaning. Everyone knows that but, hey, you believe what you want to believe. Reality remains what it is.

Lynn Anderson said...

That's what Democrats like to tell us. Reality is that all the polling was wrong about Trump--He won!

Anonymous said...

Impeachment looming.

Lynn Anderson said...

NO way. Drown in your own misery.

Dan said...

Our president needs to fire the swamp trio who are conniving against him. His supporters will cheer and his detractors will whine.

And he as president can stop the obstruction farce the left is manufacturing against him.

He then can continue all the brilliant improvements he is making to our country after 8 years of the radical Muslim socialist he replaced. We are beginning to recover from the devious 8 years inflicted on our country by the acolyte of the GD America pastor Jeremiah Wright.

Anonymous said...

Trump: "The moon is made of green cheese!"

Trumpsters: Yup!

Lynn Anderson said...

I know--truth is difficult for you guys. Hey, your favorite gal, Hillary Clinton--remember her--CROOKED Hillary?????--
The Clinton Foundation was a mega slush fund/piggy bank from which to run their corrupt political operation and enrich themselves. A Harvard analyst: “Bill and Hillary Clinton have committed the largest case of charity fraud in American history.

Anonymous said...

Trump says, "I'm not going to touch Medicare or Social Security."

Trumpsters: Yup.