Saturday, June 10, 2017

Jeff Sessions to end Revenue Stream for Obama's Lefties

“When the Justice Department sued defendants such as Volkswagen or the Bank of America claiming they had violated federal law, they entered into settlement agreements with those defendants, in which the defendants agreed to pay a large sum of money to end the litigation.

The Obama Justice Department would come in and say, ‘We want you to give a portion of this money to such-and-such organization.’ These were not organizations that had anything to do with the lawsuit. They weren’t parties to the lawsuit. They didn’t have members who were injured by whatever the misbehavior was of the company.”

~ Hans von Spakovsky
Former Justice Department official

Read about it...and the illegal justice department policy that effectively forced corporations to settle lawsuits.

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Anonymous said...

"I think...I believe...I understand". No facts here just bluster and click bait. Why waste your time reading, let alone posting such rubbish!? Oh yeah, it fits your narrative.