Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What has President Trump done for the Coal industry?

If you read articles on the Internet, 99% are negative regarding Trump and the coal industry. But jobs are coming back.

In southern West Virginia, coal output through mid-April rose by 9 percent compared to one year ago, according to a report by Bloomberg, and the value of publicly traded U.S. coal companies has doubled over the past year, now estimated to be $15 billion. The Blaze

In the fourth quarter of 2016, the U.S. exported 19.3 million short tons of coal (9.7% of total production)[2] to dozens of countries around the world; the largest markets were the Netherlands (17% of all exports), Brazil (10%), and South Korea (10%) americangeoscientists.org

Coal industry heavyweights are making money again with the Trump administration, and particularly U.S. EPA, firmly in their corner. Greenwire

Among the actions reversed under the new administration is a rule to prevent coal companies from dumping mountaintop removal debris into waterways and a moratorium on new coal leases on public lands. Think Progress


Anonymous said...

Dont praise this one Lynn. Mountaintop coal is soft, soggy, and dirty. Old-time coal mining companies sold out and wont mess with this stuff. The debris that makes its way into the waterways has metal content levels so high they can cause brain damage in children and animals. A man's job and a corporation's wealth isnt worth the mental and physical health of all those who live down stream for years to come. Find a new career, build a different company. You were unglued over a baseball park in your neighborhood - can you imagine a poisoned water source.

Lynn Anderson said...

CLEAN COAL--"carbon capture and storage, an advanced theoretical process that would eliminate or significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions from coal-based plants and permanently sequesters them."

You did know that Lake Worth owns part of a coal producing plant.

Anonymous said...

What is an "advanced theoretical process"?

Anonymous said...