Tuesday, May 2, 2017

We the People are SCREWED

Making America Great Again--We're not even close

Here's what one conservative thinks about the Trump Budget:

"Regarding the new budget bill passed by Congress, Democrats are openly celebrating and gloating, Rinos are silent, even though I guarantee you they are toasting and high-fiving in private, conservatives everywhere are downright depressed, and We the People are FU**ED AGAIN!

Following are 14 points. If this is the budget that President Trump plans to sign, I will, without question, drop my support for him immediately!

We the People did not send Donald Trump to Washington to lay down in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue and get pissed on by worthless Capitol Hill Democrats and Rinos."

Read more...and the 14 points in this budget that make it a huge loss for conservatives. Republicans shouldn't be paralyzed by fear of shutting down the government and pass a Budget based on what got Trump elected in the first place. And on top of all of that, Democrats will still bitch.


Anonymous said...

What DID you the people- which consists of uneducated rednecks that were totally played for fools by a northeast billionaire lifelong democrat send the esteemed tiny handed president to do? tweet nonsense and embarrass the uninformed voters that support him? Or did you send him to Washington so he could spend his time getting sh*t on by democrats? Because he's such a tool that's what he's currently doing. SAD

Lynn Anderson said...

In your twisted and very warped opinion, anonymous. You are SAD indeed.

Anonymous said...

Go back to being spoon fed by CNN 3:30pm plenty of nimrods voted for the billionaire crooks Bill and Hillary and lost.

Anonymous said...

Voters with reading & comprehension skills saw Wiki-leaks and Comey
comments which made it impossible to vote for HC
the kuru suffering satanist witch that tortures/sacrifices
and eats kids...doesn't care abut soldiers/ambassadors and was
the only Russian (uranium) connection proven to date.

Lynn Anderson said...