Saturday, May 6, 2017

HB 1397 - Medical Marijuana bill killed off

"Sources close to the legislative process told Sunshine State News one of the real enemies of passing the legislation ended up being the group which had worked so hard to approve Amendment 2 in the first place: United For Care and its legislative arm, Florida For Care that wanted to force the state to issue more licenses to get rid of medical marijuana cartels, the original seven growers allowed to dispense the drug across the state."

Read about it... and why it failed. Lobbyists wanted unlimited dispensary centers for themselves and investors.

[US News] Besides oils and sprays, those centers would be allowed to expand sales to edibles and vaping products but smoking would still be banned.

Some legislators wanted people to be able to smoke it. Sen. Jeff Clemens, debated on the Senate floor and asked, "Is smoking not good for your health? Maybe it isn't but it's better than dying."

So, after all of this, no regulation passed for the use of medical cannabis? Big money is in the way of common sense. Why in hell do we elect these people? It now falls to the Florida Department of Health to write rules by July 3 that will allow patients with debilitating illnesses to legally use medical marijuana.

It's getting to be common-place--the voters vote and government screws it up. We need regulations on this industry.

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Weetha Peebull said...

SAY IT AIN"T SO! The Florida Dept of Health is the next in line author of mmj regulations? The politicians failed so now it's going to go to un-elected bureaucrats who arguably cannot even manage their county clinics. We are elevating ineptness to an art form. - Andrew Nappi