Monday, May 8, 2017

Clay Glass featuring Lake Worth High Art Teachers

Lake Worth High School is so Lucky to Have Brent and Jennifer on its Staff

And we are so lucky to be able to feature them in the gallery each year at the end of the school term.  It is time to come out and support the teachers who are loved by their students, and who bend over backwards to give them the best arts education possible.
Join them this Friday from 6PM to 10PM as they display their works and get to know you, the community's parents and friends.
Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery is located at 15 South J Street in Downtown Lake Worth.  Parking is Free.

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Anonymous said...

We have more and more so called artists in Lake Worth, and fewer and fewer technical graduates. Art is a wonderful avocation, but it should not take up so much of the school curriculum. Graduates from North Tech, and South Tech can write their own ticket with VW, Ford, Toyota, etc, while the poor kids who have been deluded into thinking they are artists are eating hard bread. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but these are just hard facts.