Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Golfers, a Rare Breed

Recently, I had that yearly reminder that I was older. Nothing much good about birthdays other than those who remember wish you well and you get taken to lunch to some nice place, not to mention that you actually made it through another year in good health and not with too many bumps.

Atlantis CC

I was at Atlantis Country Club and got to watch the golfers from the window while having lunch. There is something about men golfers unlike all the rest of the athletes. They are a special breed. I was married to one. I dated a pro at one time. I know all about them. You’ve heard about golf widows? Trust me. Even if you play golf, they will reluctantly put up with you but they really don’t want to play with you. They are serious. They are always in competition with themselves first. It's all about self-ability and a constant competition to beat their best score. You never hear them complain about the cold or the wind but just it "was a great day." They all believe that they are just a little closer to heaven while on the course and if they had a choice of being anywhere, it would be on the nearest green.

Anything goes to make the shot!

Golfers always have complete control over their emotions unlike a lot of contact sports. Appearance, vocalization and body language are important. :)

Snow? No problem
Just use a red golf ball
Golfers don’t just like playing the game; they love playing the game. I have never met one yet who was not obsessed with it. They will play under any type of condition. And that’s no joke. They will drive anywhere with their friends to play just to hit that little ball. It is a bonding thing with men.

I told you that they were obsessed.

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