Thursday, April 27, 2017

Trump's Tax Rate

Liberals get their little panties in a wad all of the time, don't they?  Now it's Trump's tax code.

"The individual tax code would be simplified and make a large cut in the top corporate income-tax rate, from 35 percent to 15 percent. It also would provide a short-term offer of vastly reduced rates for corporate taxes for companies that bring foreign holdings back to the U.S.

Deficit hawks were displeased, and liberals were furious.



Anonymous said...

"We can't operate a city on a deficit. We can't spend our way out of debt or tie up the property owners with 34 years of bond debt when we can't even take care of the basics. We need to live within our means." -Lynn Anderson, July 11, 2014, getting her little panties in a wad about deficits.

My, how things change for Lynn when the Republican president is cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy while building a $40 billion wall. Deficits are fine when their being created by Republicans, right, Lynn?

Lynn Anderson said...

Mexico will be paying for the wall in one way shape or form.

He's also cutting taxes for citizens...only 3 tax brackets now instead of 7. yes. he is cutting taxes for corporations...great move to stimulate the economy and return c ash from overseas.

My panties are not in a wad but you libs can't take one iota of criticism. You sure can dish it out though. Why not find something positive or would your snowflake melt too fast.

Anonymous said...

lower tax rates always bring in more actual taxes

Anonymous said...

I doubt if 4.16 even pays taxes.probably on gov dole

Constance said...

"He's also cutting taxes for citizens"

Rich citizens. The Secretary of Treasury could not guarantee that the middle class would be included on national TV yesterday, but we do know that the uber rich are going to benefit bigly.

"he is cutting taxes for corporations...great move to stimulate the economy and return cash from overseas."

Trickle down economics has never worked. The idea that if you give corporations and the wealthy even more money that they'll turn around and "share" it with their workers or invest it in a way that it benefits everyone is demonstrably false.

If you're really serious about "returning cash from overseas" then create laws that restrict offshore banking. You won't see that because it affects the wealthy and the wealthy donors for both parties.

Lynn Anderson said...

Well, there are other economists who believe just the opposite. Democrats have gone wild over his plan and negative articles have appeared. His plan would cut taxes for 26 million small businesses which would be a huge incentive for more hiring and expansion by businesses that are now taxed at as high as 40 percent. The tax rate reductions for the rich are offset almost dollar for dollar by the loss of $250 billion a year in tax deductions for rich people. Most of the benefit goes to the middle-class. Offshore banking is limited to the few and very costly. Hey, what you have is not working.

Anonymous said...

Did a Welfare Queen ever create jobs? (well except for the nail techs and Weave-O-Matics)!The correct answer is NO. Poor people do not create jobs and economic choice for the American people. BUSINESS OWNERS both large and small do !