Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Put on your Big Boy Panties Commissioner

The public lynching of Ryan Maier

Two years later, commissioner Amoroso can't forget the above parody--He mentioned it last night at the city commission meeting when they were discussing having a city Facebook page. There was some fear about the comments that might appear on Facebook. Juan Ruiz said that they could disable comments but that's why people go to Facebook.

The blog that started Andy Amoroso's unhappiness.

Now, Amoroso does a lot of good work for the city but going after Ryan Maier was not one of them. This blog will call out the good, the bad and the ugly. Everyone knows that Commissioner Maxwell and Commissioner Amoroso are not members of the KKK. This is a parody. How do you think Trump feels when he has to see Saturday Night Live? 

Put on your big boy panties, boys.  Maxwell and Amoroso did try to publicly "lynch" Commissioner Maier for a fabricated code violation. At the time,William Waters, Director of Sustainability said, "The code citations were not evidence-based, rather based solely on the claim of a woman..."  Not only that, Ryan Maier took their smirks for two years as well as another politically driven code complaint where he has his business. As an elected official, he put up with way too much probably because he beat their friend in a landslide.

If you have a city Facebook page, look for all sorts of attacks. I don't think Amoroso will be able to handle that. You either, mayor, as you seem to be still burning from a parody that was about you.


Anonymous said...

I missed Andy crying the blues as I left early. That's the problem with politicians. They want to be loved all of the time when in fact most people don't trust them. Andy should admit that he treated Ryan like doggy do.

Anonymous said...

This behavior is unprofessional, Mr Amoroso, which ironically means "loving" should let it go, apologize and get help, it appears that he is a bitter about something.

Anonymous said...

These people can be ridiculous sometimes. Get on facebook Andy. Can't wait for the blasts to come your way. If you don't have comments, no one will go here. Stay in your little bubble and attack residents.

Anonymous said...

"We can have a facebbook page ,but we'll disable the comments".
Yeah and you'll probably delete the ones you don't approve of. This statement from Juan Ruiz more than anything else that I can think of typifies the current administration.You know ,just minimize and ignore the comments that don't agree with your "moving forward" mindset.I guess that Lake Worth has SO MUCH MONEY to spend on everything that we tax payers can now pay an employee to sit around on facebook twenty-four hours a day'

Anonymous said...

During a break in the city commission meeting Lynn and I were waiting for Commissioner Maier to come back in . Andy Amoroso sat back down in his seat and out of nowhere looked down at us and blurted out"some people have called me a goat fucker".I was in total shock. I couldn't believe that someone,much less a city Commissioner would say something like that. I said to him"hey Andy,I've called you a lot of things but not that !"I followed up the next day with some comments in Lynn's blog directed to Mr. Amoroso. Katie Mcgiveron

Anonymous said...

The three amigos on the dais have no sense of humor. Humor is a sign of intelligence,so why are we surprised. Speaking of humor Lynn please reprint the Lake Worth chronicles!

Anonymous said...

I hear so many posts against the three ------ I wonder how many of them will still vote for them in march.goats would be better

Anonymous said...

Andy needs to understand politics and not be so juvenile. He's lucky Lynn doesn't come after him more often.

Anonymous said...

1) Dont attempt to compare your crude renderings to SNL. We're a small city and your vile attempts at "parody" are unnecessary and do nothing to better our community.
2) The violations were based on a claim made by a supposed "tenant" of Ryan's home. Code was unable to gain evidence because Ryan refused to allow them entry. What did have to hide?

Lynn Anderson said...

Hey, this was NO attempt. It was a parody whether you liked it or not.
The complaint was filed by Jessica Teutsch who was not a tenant and who did not even live in this city. Read again what William Waters said.
You can't continue to re-write the truth. This blog will not allow it.

The 2nd complaint was filed by a downtown merchant for political reasons again. Since that time, my friends don't go into her establishment. Her pro-stance on the Atlanta Braves ended that relationship.

So, grow up. If you can't handle criticism or this, you can't handle the job. Bettering the community would be to end the slum, the blight and the crime and tell the damn truth on all of that too. All you want are fairy tale stories about this city and now of course, to tear up our pool.