Saturday, April 22, 2017

Maddow Madness

The brilliant blabbers at MSNBC have finally figured out Venezuela is in full meltdown.

It was predictable, of course, back when the late Hugo Chavez first put his nation on the road to the same socialist paradise that had already destroyed countless nations.

MSNBC was all in at the beginning, but now the network needs someone to blame -- preferably a Republican.

And that's where Rachel Maddow -- no stranger to meltdowns, herself -- comes in.

Read about it...


Anonymous said...

Barry Obummer just spent the last eight years playing footsie with Venezuela! And somehow this failed country is TRUMP'S fault? Can somebody please check Mad-Cow's medicine??? If Hillary had won ,America would have been on the fast track to become Venezuela North in the next ten years. Thank God that Trump won the election.

Lynn Anderson said...

Now all the communist subversives need to let Trump do the job.