Monday, April 24, 2017

Berkeley attacker identified - Another Liberal Scumbag

"The scumbag who bludgeoned a Trump supporter in Berkeley and covered his face to keep from being identified has been identified. Share this article far and wide to get this slimeball’s mug on every computer screen across America.

Read the article... from Powdered Wig Society.

His name is Eric Clanton. Wouldn’t you know he is pointy-head liberal academic, a college professor, no less, who teaches philosophy, no less, and ethics, no less. That’s right, ethics! He clobbered an innocent person who happens to disagree with his political viewpoint, causing him to bleed profusely, and then slinks away into the background. And he teaches ethics to college students!"


Anonymous said...

no gloves on the medics touching the bloody wound.

Lynn Anderson said...

The medics weren't even there yet.

Mike said...

Make a complaint and have him arrested.

Then sue him for assault and take a lot of his money.

Typical rep of the entitled generation except that he has a job.

Anonymous said...

Hardly a job to play with co-eds all day. Hypocritical liberals are more violent than we know.