Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lake Worth City Hall Chamber went Digital

As all of you already know, we have new digital screens at City Hall. The screens that we can observe are

4 in the city chamber
1 in the hallway
1 large screen in the conference room

There may be more throughout the building. Who knows? It is live streamed on the front page of the city's web site. The work was done by Darrian Dority, owner of PrimeStar Digital Network, a Lake Worth company. Darrian is a former member of our Finance Advisory board..

The cost, so far, for the digital equipment and installation is


Darrian is overseeing the equipment at every meeting.


Anonymous said...

have you noticed that the city has a lot of money to burn lately?

Lynn Anderson said...

Regardless of these screens, you still can't read the Power Point presentations that incorporate a lot of financial figures.
I like the live streaming on the web site.

As far as a "lot of money" they can't seem to cough up money to fix our pool. They have to go through a lot of BS and waste of money to get to where they want to get--closing it down for good.

Anonymous said...

Going digital is great, thank you to the City Manager and Commissioners for bringing Lake Worth into the 21st century... this will help govt be more transparent for constituents in the Chamber and online.

Anonymous said...

no money for road repair no money for pool repair always no money to take care of things properly in the city but when it comes to toys and big raises they always find to find out where they find the cans buried with money.i pray we don't get hit with a bad storm

Anonymous said...

Yep it's just like Christmas with all the new toys in Lake Worth !